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The Pride and Prep School Scavenger Hunt

on October 16, 2013

Here’s your invitation to play a game, check out some great blogs, and win an autographed copy of the novellas and a $20-dollar gift card from Amazon!

Image  Image  18459648

First, you’ll have to answer the questions below to find out what you’re looking for.  Then, once you know what objects will be hidden on participating blogs, you’ll have to  visit them (which, trust me, you would want to do anyway). Once you find them, report back here with the answers as comments (tell me what you found and where).

1.  On their first day as bio lab partners, what does Georgia tell Michael she will not be a part of?

2.  Jeremy invented a drink by this name, and he gave a lot of them to Georgia on New Year’s Eve.

3.  Georgia has a pet that likes to bite people a lot.  What is it?

4.  Leigh gets teased for dressing like a member of this “old order” sect that lives primarily in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

5. What literary character does Georgia want to do a class presentation about (though Michael thinks this is a lame idea)?

6. In Pride and Prep School, what does Georgia discover in the Endicott kitchen that makes her think she just might have been wrong about him all along?

7. Georgia, Trey, Michael, and Tori watch a movie about these creatures of the night until Michael can’t stand it any more.

8. In P&PS Michael runs into Georgia in a suburban drug store and is shocked to find her holding this.

9. Georgia is surprised to discover that Michael enjoys listening to the music of this Caribbean artist.

10.  Dave and Gary have a punk band; this animal is part of the name of the band.

Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll have to look for pictures of these items on these blogs:

 JC Emery:
The Things That Run Through My Mind:
Where Fantasy and Love Take Flight:
Team Elsker:
Just Sayin’ :
Jessica: Brooks’ Let Me Tell You A Story:
Adrianne James: (Note: Adrianne, in keeping with the spirit of the scavenger hunt, has made you hunt for it.  But it’s there!)
JayCee DeLorenzo’s See JayceeJugggle
A Day in the Crazy Wonderful Beautiful Life:
Louise Gornall:

THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO US AND INTERNATIONAL READERS BETWEEN WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16TH, AND SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20TH AT 8:00 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME. The winner will be chosen randomly from all correct entries and on Monday, October 21st and announced on this blog on Tuesday, October 22d.  Leave a comment with your answers to the questions and where you found them PLUS your email so I can send you your stuff!


2 responses to “The Pride and Prep School Scavenger Hunt

  1. Desnica Kumar says:

    Ohh is this still running? Is this where I’m suppose to comment? I WANT TO WIN! I haven’t been able to read Pride and Prep School yet though so I don’t know how well I will do with the questions….
    Here’s my answers…
    1. Frog dissection –
    2. Monkey wrench –
    3. Teeny the cat –
    4. Amish –
    5. Ophelia from Hamlet –
    6. – I don’t know…and I’m guessing that the picture was suppose to be here : but I didn’t find one 😦
    7. The Cullens –
    8. Pregnancy test –
    9. Bob Marley –
    10. Pigs –
    Thanks for the scavenger hunt and chance to win! I can’t wait to read Pride and Prep School! Is book 4 really the last one? I don’t want it to end so soon!

  2. Desnica Kumar says:

    Oh I found the clue for 6 on the All About Adrianne page…I overlooked it the first time :/ so the answer to 6 is the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer?

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