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Book review: Jennifer Kloester Makes it Work in The Cinderella Moment

on August 23, 2013

If you’re a fan of romance and Project Runway, then Jennifer Kloester’s new YA contemporary from Swoon Romance is for you.


The Cinderella Moment tells the story of Angel Moncouer, a teenager in Manhattan who dreams of success as a fashion designer by winning the prestigious Teen Couture award. As the title implies, the novel is part Cinderella story, as Angel lives in a gorgeous uptown home where her mother, Simone, works as the cook for the Comte de Tourney and his daughter, Lily. She’s treated well by the deTourneys, but a wicked stepmother and stepsister of sorts enter her life in the forms of the Comte’s ambitious girlfriend, Margot, and her vain and jealous daughter, Cassandra (?). But the novel also nods toward Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper when Angel has to switch places with Lily in order for both of their dreams to have a chance at fruition.

This is a fun read, engagingly written, with lines like “her experience with boys could be written on a Post-it note” describing Angel’s romantic history. But don’t worry, a romantic hero enters the picture in the form of a charming English nobleman named Nick Halliday. Kloester presents a rich and engrossing world of parties on Paris bateau-mouche, couture houses,  palatial chateaux, and polo clubs.


If your primary interest is in romance, note that the love story in Cinderella takes a bit of a backseat to the more absorbing story of Angel’s adventures in Paris and the refreshingly rich friendship between Angel and Lily. Angel isn’t waiting around for a boy to sweep her off her feet. She and Lily have their own plans to put into play, especially when an act of sabotage and forgery forces Angel to act in a way would she would never have imagined. These two characters are very real and likable. I’d love to read a “spin-off” of Lily’s story, in fact.

Check out The Cinderella Moment for the glamour and the very real, very endearing friendship between the two girls. Kloester’s created a fictive world well worth spending some time in.


Pick up a copy and learn more about Jennifer Kloester here:

Jennifer loves to escape into a good book. She began writing when she was little and grew up in a house full of books. She was living in the jungle in Papua New Guinea (truly!) when she discovered Georgette Heyer’s wonderful historical romances. She quickly became addicted and multiple re-reads later still can’t pin down her favourite. When not writing, Jennifer does karate and love to hang out with her husband (who she’s still trying to get into Regency garb) and their three nomadic children.

 Meet Jennifer on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and on the web. You can buy the book at Amazon.

One response to “Book review: Jennifer Kloester Makes it Work in The Cinderella Moment

  1. Jolene Haley says:

    Love your post here Stephanie! Thank you so much for featuring The Cinderella Moment!

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