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Lizzy Charles’ Effortless Climb to the YA Top

on August 21, 2013

My Swoon Romance sister Lizzy Charles’ YA romance Effortless with You has been out on the shelves and in the ether for about a week now. And already it’s making a lot of noise.

The Sub Club gave it five stars, saying

  • “Effortless With You is an adorable book, with a theme of hardship, trying to fit in, disappointment, friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, family, being true to oneself, new beginnings and first love.”

Ellen at Always YA at Heart said

  •  “It was almost like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.  Overall, this is a wonderful YA contemporary romance, and if you enjoy that type of story, then Effortless with You is something I most definitely recommend checking out.” ~

And the YA Bookworm gave it 5 stars and this review

  • “Overall, I think Effortless With You may be my favourite YA Contemporary novel that I’ve read this summer. Effortless With You is a flirty yet deep romance filled with great comedy, tough struggles and an ending that is sure to warm your heart! I definitely will be recommending this one to all you Contemporary Lovers out there!”

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a little taste of Effortless to help you decide for yourself:

A battered white pickup truck idles like a snoring troll in our driveway. Metal ladders stick out of the truck bed and a small sign hangs loosely from chains over the side of the bed, “Purposeful Painting Inc.” The sign swings in the breeze, banging loudly against the truck. I’m pretty sure that is illegal. The business doesn’t seem legit at all.

            A young guy sits in the front of the truck, sipping from a coffee cup, wearing a painter’s hat and a pair of sunglasses. He has a strong jaw and stubble. I look at his arm, bent up toward his face on the window ledge. He is tan and muscular. A goofy smile spreads across my face. Maybe the summer won’t be a complete waste after all. I climb into the passenger seat, thankful I put on mascara.

            “Good morning, Lucinda,” the driver says in a mocking tone.

I stop breathing.

No way. He takes off his sunglasses. Two piercing green eyes stare back at me. I don’t even try to hide my groan.


He laughs. “What?”

I roll my eyes before hitting my head against the seat. To any other girl in school, this would be Heaven. To me, it’s a humiliating nightmare.

            “Awesome party the other night, huh?” he prods.

            I shrug. There’s no way I’m giving him info to use against me. I pull out my granola bar, taking a bite so it’s impossible to speak.

            Justin stares cockeyed at the granola bar and my water bottle. “Is that all you have?”

            I swallow. “Yup.” Justin raises an eyebrow. “It’s all I need. Seriously, I’ll be fine.”

            Justin shakes his head and turns off the engine.

“Um, are you listening? Let’s go. I’m fine.” It’s only been three minutes and already I want to strangle him. He never listens.

            Justin jumps out of the truck, bee-lining it for my front door.

“What are you doing?” I jump out, following.

             “Getting you lunch.”

Convinced yet? You can pick up Effortless with You on Amazon and  Barnes and Noble.

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