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New Release: Running from Romeo

on August 19, 2013

Running From Romeo

Diane Mannino


Book Description:

Emilia King is entering her senior year at Santa Barbara University. For the past three years, she lived in the library – doing what she knows best – focusing on her studies and forgetting her past…a past that has forever changed her life. But this year marks a new beginning…
Logan Prescott is not only the hottest guy on campus, he’s heir to a billionaire hotel fortune. Emilia knows he’s trouble and should stay clear of him. But his notorious good looks and piercing blue eyes make him simply irresistible – especially when he’s quoting her favorite literary works.
Intrigued by Emilia’s innocence and resistance to his charm, Logan discovers she’s a challenge he simply can’t resist. Getting involved with him is dangerous, but running from him may be impossible.






1. Both Logan and Emilia are well versed in Shakespeare – they quote him a lot and she’s always working on a paper about it. Do you see the plot or characters of the story having any parallels with any of Shakespeare’s works?
I love this question! I definitely think it parallels Romeo and Juliet in many ways. It’s definitely love at first sight for Logan, like Romeo. There’s a mutual attraction for Emilia, like Juliet, but Emilia has quite a big wall up around her because of something that happened in her past. This secret from her past has kept her from allowing many to get close to her, so she’s definitely a bit leery of Logan for this reason and several others.
Logan’s personality is a bit off-putting at first because he’s not used to having to pursue a girl because he’s never needed to or cared about it. His strong feelings towards Emilia force him to step up to the plate and win her over despite her reluctance. Logan has to work harder than Romeo, but like him, he’s very passionate about getting who he wants.
You could easily question whether Emilia and Logan are in love or lust like many debate with Romeo and Juliet. Like Romeo and Juliet, they definitely are in “lust” with each other but over time the initial attraction they have for each other turns into love. Romeo and Juliet just never had the chance to develop their relationship since they are destined to be doomed lovers. Are Logan and Emilia destined to be doomed lovers like Romeo and Juliet? Hmm…I don’t want to give too much away about the plot.
Another parallel is that Logan and Emilia may not have the challenge of their feuding families, but they do have a similar challenge. Instead of their families, being an issue, it’s their friendships, mainly Logan’s friends, that are a definite thorn in their sides. These difficulties continue to be a never-ending problem in the sequel.
2. If Logan had to describe Emilia in three words what would they be? What three words would she have for Logan?
Logan’s words for Emilia: hot. as. hell…those would be his three words but he’d also say she’s challenging and irresistible.

Emilia’s words for Logan: drop. dead. gorgeous…but she’d also say he’s cocky, rude, and bossy.

3. Who would be your dream cast for this book if it were turned into a movie?

Lily Collins is perfect for Emilia King. She’s got the right coloring…fair skin, long dark hair…She’s obviously beautiful, but I think there’s a lovely innocence to her that really makes her my ideal choice. I also love…Rachel Bilson and Leighton Meester.
Chace Crawford is perfect for Logan Prescott. I think of Logan and I think of Chace. My two teenage daughters agree!
Here’s the link to an awesome movie trailer for “Running from Romeo”…perfect cast…perfect song 🙂

4.  I’m guessing you listen to music when you write, given that so many song lyrics are woven throughout the story. Do you have any other writing rituals or must-haves, like a cup of coffee or a cat at your feet?
I LOVE music so that’s definitely something I wanted to incorporate it in my book. I thought I’d try something different with including all the lyrics so if people weren’t familiar with the song they could read the words and understand how they either set the tone or support the plot developments.

I love listening to music when I write but sometimes I like it be quiet…depends on my mood. If I’m writing a party/bar scene I like to listen to Pink, Bruno Mars, Rhiannon, Taylor Swift…something fun. If I’m writing a romantic scene I like to listen to Snow Patrol, Sting, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay…I could go on and on. I do like having a cup of coffee or two or three or sometimes a glass of wine or two…two is the limit on the wine while writing 🙂

5. What do you want people to take away from the book in terms of a feeling or an overall idea?
I hope people see that it’s the journey of two people and their personal strength to overcome their demons. Emilia starts out taking “baby steps” because of what’s happened in her past. Logan has never been in a relationship because of his past demons. Their romance develops and both grow because of it.

The sequel goes into more depth about their past issues and they might encounter a setback every now and then, but the one constant is the message of personal strength. Despite the pain or struggles of your past, it’s how you can find the power within yourself to move forward, making you a stronger person.

About the Author:

DIANE MANNINO graduated from University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in English Literature. She is a former writer for Museum and Arts Washington and Star Magazine as well as several television shows, including, Inside Edition, American Journal, and E! News Daily. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Running from Romeo is her first novel and she is currently working on the sequel.




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