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Imagine Jane Austen Twerking or Top Ten Reasons I Love the UK

on August 18, 2013


My amazing publisher just gave me the news that Charm and Consequence, the second installment in the Swoon e-novella series Snark and Circumstance, is an Amazon Kindle bestseller in the UK in two categories.

So this is me right now: Image

And in honor of my most esteemed Brit readers, I present, with humble gratitude, my TOP TEN REASONS WHY I LOVE THE UK

10. The Slang

I love that this

Image is called a “loo” or a “bog.” And that subways are the “tubes” and elevators “lifts”, which I realize isn’t slang, exactly. To paraphrase Steve Martin, it’s like the Brits have another word for everything. And yet they speak English!

9.  Terriers

Whether Scottish, Irish, Wheaton, Cairn, Norwich, Norfolk, Skye, or Jack Russell (or any one I’ve missed), terriers are feisty and fun and smart. In my next life, I would like to come back as a beloved family terrier.  Image

8. Candy bars

I have relatives in Hershey, PA so I know from chocolate. But UK candy bars are way better and have great names, like Wispa, Twister, Yorkie, Aero, Star Bar, Timeout. Don’t make yourself crazy trying to choose.  Just pick one. They’re all good.


7.  A stubborn independent streak

I know we fought a revolution to gain independence from the UK (or, Great Britain, which I realize is not the same thing), but folks in the British Isles can be pretty stubbornly independent as well. They insist on driving on the wrong side of the road and maintaining all sorts of coins as currency (some quite oddly and wonderfully shaped), which I am convinced is just so shop clerks can laugh at foreigners who try to figure out how much the pointy hexagon is worth. Plus, they’ve eschewed the Euro and cling to the pound -because that L-with-a-squiggle-through-it is such a cool symbol.


6. Sheep in the streets!

Okay, not the streets of London or York or Glasgow or Edinburgh (the only major cities I can speak to as yet) but everywhere else, they have the right of way and they know it. Trust me, when you are driving on a one-lane road in the mist and you are confronted with this face


you will yield. Even if you are on foot. Because it’s his road and not yours.

5.  Accents

Any of them. Irish, Welsh, posh Brit, Scottish, East Londoner – they’re all good. I had an Irish friend in grad school and it was no use going out with her because the second she opened her mouth, no boy would listen to me or any other Yank any more. It was annoying, but I get it. As I tweeted to a similarly-minded friend the other day, if I could, I would arrange to have the delightfully-accented Tom Hiddleston call me on the phone everyday and menace me in his Loki voice until I explode.


4.  Glens, Dingles, Moors, and all that Wuthering

It rains a lot in Scotland and Northern England, but it is a beautiful misty rain that makes you feel like you’re getting a facial and having a Catherine Earnshaw moment at the same time. Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands is probably the most eerily beautiful place I have been and Thomas Hardy was quite sensible to write rhapsodically about Derbyshire.  You have some pretty country, there, you Brits, and I hope to see all of it one day.


3.  Music

Perhaps even more so than American rock music, British bands and singers have provided the soundtrack for my life since I was about twelve years old. The Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, David Bowie, the Clash, the Jam, Elvis Costello . . . I could go on forever. It’s not an exaggeration to say these sounds colored (and at times saved) my life.


2. Literature 

Aphra Behn. Emily and Ann and Charlotte Bronte. Elizabeth Gaskell.  Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Christina Rossetti.  Virginia Woolf.  And that’s just the women – and just a few of them, from before the mid-twentieth century, even.

Image I’m a Janeite – and you?

and, finally,


Thank you to everyone, on any shore, who bought Charm and Consequence and plan to buy the rest in the Snark series. You have made a dream come true that I have had since I was a little girl, and I am truly, humbly grateful.

This is me on the moors outside Haworth, home of the Brontes, in 1996.


I love that place. Thanks again, readers!

One response to “Imagine Jane Austen Twerking or Top Ten Reasons I Love the UK

  1. Yay for you, my friend!!! Love the pic in #10, but wish I could see you better! And of COURSE you had to put a pic up of TOM! 🙂

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