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A Jones for Scones: Vegan Travel and the Return of the Native

on August 5, 2013

I just got back from an amazing family trip to the Ardnamurchan peninsula of Scotland, a place so remote the roads were one-lane and even if I had had a million dollars to spend on souvenirs, I would have been hard pressed to spend it (unless I stocked up on sheep and Highland cows, or Hi’lan’ coos, like this guy)


Which is pretty good moneywise, especially since I am a thrifty Scot myself. All I brought back were midge bites, memories, and about a million story ideas (more posts on that later.) Oh, and a powerful jones for scones.

Like my main character in the Snark and Circumstance series, Georgia Barrett,ImageI am a vegan. Fortunately for my travel companions, I am not as militant about it as Georgia or I would have been bludgeoned by my family and had a burning caber tossed at me by the locals. Image (By the way, I saw a visiting Pole break the local record for caber tossing at the Arisaigh Highland Games last week). While I know Scotland has some pretty tasty vegan victuals and a vegan cheddar that I could not track down (but wanted to sooo much, because it’s $10 a block here locally) I was, again, in a region other-wordly in its beauty but so remote that gas has to be rationed because the truck only comes in on Thursdays. So even if I had wanted to stick to the veganized Virgin Diet that cleaned out my system before leaving, I could not. As a traveller, you have to be flexible and adaptable. So I ate some amazing Red Leicester Double Gloucester cheeses and some poached salmon, when my digestive system could not take any more cheese, and a whole lot of sweet tasty gluten in the form of breads and scones and some delicious chocolate fudge/brownie thing called tiffin.Image

I hope I do not lose my vegan cred or any vegan Twitter followers with this admission.  But if I have, maybe I can win you back with this:

I do not miss the cheese or the fish at all.  Not even a little bit. But I woke up this morning in dire need of a scone. So as I write this, there are gluten-free vegan currant scones in the oven that smell pretty delicious and I plan to eat one after I finish my Virgin breakfast shake. You can find the recipe I adapted this morning and others on my Pinterest board Georgia’s Vegan Eats. While Georgia may never forgive me for falling off the wagon, you bakers can reap the benefits of my truancy. There are also recipes for vegan clotted cream, but I was not that ambitious this morning. I plead jet lag.

Please share any vegan (or non-vegan) travel tips and stories in the comments below. I love to hear from you guys! And look out for the third installment of the Snark series, PRIDE AND PREP SCHOOL, coming later this month. Georgia becomes a vegan baker to the local punk rock scene, a mystery is solved, and a proposal is made. Surprises abound!

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