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Twitter chats: why I’m a believer

on July 11, 2013

Thanks to #Indiechat on Twitter and the advice of Alicia Kat Vancil of Kat Girl Studio. If you haven’t checked out any of the YA and NA writing chats on Twitter, you should! Here are some highlights from this week alone:

  • On Tuesday, @KatGirl_Studio hosted #indiechat and discussed the best features and look for your author blog, an essential part of your “brand” and author platform. Image
  • On Wednesday, #YAlitchat, hosted by @GeorgiaMcBride, talked about all kinds of relevant and interesting stuff, like what to Tweet as a writer to build your fan base (hints: don’t just push your book, know your readers, and tweet fun stuff about yourself. I need to do more of the latter, as soon as I get some fun stuff to Tweet ;)) Image
  • And tonight, #K8chat, hosted by Kate Tilton will be talking book boyfriends!Image

There are usually so many excited and informative participants that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the feed but it is so worth it. On Tuesday I learned how to add a link to follow me on Pinterest and about Feedly last night. If you don’t get into the mix in the allotted chat hour, most hosts stick around for awhile after to take questions when it’s less frantic. And if you don’t want to tweet a comment or a question, just lurk and you’ll learn something. But if you do participate, you’ll find yourself with new friends and followers among your present (or future) colleagues.

Chats are usually scheduled for 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. You can see the “transcript” a record of what was said, any time by searching for the term as a hashtag (ie #YAlitchat). And if you do tweet a comment or question, don’t forget to hashtag after the comment or it will get lost in the general conversation on Twitter.

I was a reluctant Tweep myself. I couldn’t imagine tweeting my mundane daily activities. “Made a cup of tea.” Who the frack cares? Unless I “made a cup of tea and fed it to Johnny Depp”, maybe. But aside from the aforementioned awesomeness of the chats, Twitter has also connected me with other writers, now friends, that I would never have met otherwise. We review and promote each other’s books, commiserate, and cheer each other on. And on an isolated day of writing, check in for a moment’s break with the hashtag #amwriting and you will know you’re not alone.

So check out #k8chat tonight and chat with me at @s_wardrop. As my Twitter profile says, I retweet like a boss! Got to go. There are 68 new tweets to check since I started this post.

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