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Reason #2 to Vote #Team Ull!

on June 26, 2013

Reason #2 to Vote #Team Ull!

Don’t forget! July 2 we put our favorite Norse god through the first bracket of the NA Crush Tourney over at NA Alley. And stay hydrated, my friends.

2 responses to “Reason #2 to Vote #Team Ull!

  1. ST Bende says:

    Mmm… Skarsy. Stephanie, you are brilliant! I love these memes! BOOM MWAH goes the Skarsgard Kiss Cannon!

  2. […] a reason to vote Ull showed not only creativity but dedication. Check them out. Reason #1 , reason #2, reason #3, reason #4 (WARNING sexy Alexander Skarsgard […]

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