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An interview with Vi, one of three girl shutterbugs who stumble on a secret in Adrianne James’ Overexposed

on May 29, 2013


Thanks so much for dropping by the blog, Vi!

(1) What draws you to photography? 

I think the question would be what DOESN’T draw me to photography. There is just something so beautiful about capturing the world around me to keep forever. There is a saying or something that I heard at one time or another, every moment of every day is important. So why should I just take pictures of “special occasions” if every moment of every day is something important? Photography lets you capture any moment in time and keep it forever.

(2) How did you come up with the name “Jilly” for your camera?

Jilly is my camera’s name because there was this really great chick I knew once. She was super inspiring and I loved her to death. She pushed me to follow my dreams no matter what, even if they weren’t the easiest things in the world to achieve. So, when she left  Willow Spring to pursue her own dreams, the minute I got my hands on my camera, the single piece of equipment that could change my life, I knew I had to name her Jilly.

(3) What are your favorite subjects to shoot?

Honestly? Anything that doesn’t complain after a few minutes. I love taking pictures of people, but they tend to complain when I get too bossy about how they need to stand or look at the camera. I see the pictures in my head and I want them perfect, so I may get a little out of control. Nature is something else entirely. I have to change to get the shot I want. I have to work harder and I like that it pushes me.

(4) What subject is hardest to capture? 

Me! I only have a small handful of pictures that I am in. I have hundreds of my friends and family, and thousands of the landscapes around here, but I never manage to get into the pictures. I should really try to do that more. 
(5) can you explain what you mean when you say photos need the “before, during, and after”? 
Oh of course! When shooting a series of photos, you need to be able to show the entire story. With video, it’s easy to give an impression because you can watch the whole scene unfold. But with photos, it’ a single capture of a single moment. Without all the moments surrounding it you can really confuse things. Like, if I showed you a picture of a woman draped in a man’s arms, you might think they were romantic and I took a picture of a couple. But if I showed you the photos that lead up to that one, and those after, you might see two strangers walking past one another, the girl tripping, the man catching her and setting her back to her feet, and them going their separate ways.

(5) You’ve also said Willow Springs is a small town with big secrets. Can you give us a hint about any of them?

A hint? Let’s see, a secret that goes back more than ten years and no one would ever expect who was behind it all. A secret that when exposed could ruin the lives of a lot of people and a secret that almost destroyed any chance at a future outside of Willow Spring for Ashley, Macy or myself because the idiots involved try to scare us into keeping our mouths shut. It almost worked. We almost caved. But we couldn’t. We had to tell the truth.

I guess we’re just going to have to read to find out what the girls found out!  You can pick up your copy here!  

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