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Guest post: Kelly Hashway on writing a serialized e-novella

on May 13, 2013

As we anticipate the SUMMER OF LOVE BLOG TOUR, I’ve asked my Swoon sister Kelly Hashway to compare notes with me on turning a novel into a serialized e-novella series.  You can find my take here at Kelly’s blog and Kelly weighs in below.  Look for her series

Image  at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Take it away, Kelly!

1 Book + 1 Publishing Contract = 3 Novellas

            About a year ago, I decided to branch out from my branded genre, which was paranormal. Why? Well, I noticed that all my paranormal books had a big romantic element to them, and it made me wonder if there was a romance writer lurking inside me. So, Game. Set. Match. Heartbreak was born.

I set the story up on the basis of a love triangle. Personally, I love the conflict love triangles involve, and I’ve been in a few love triangles myself, so I knew I could convey the emotions. I wrote the book and submitted it to my agent. She loved it but thought it wouldn’t sell since I was a paranormal writer. Enter Swoon Romance. They accepted my novel on the condition that I could break it up into two novellas. I agreed.

I started trying to find a natural break in the story, and I did—but it wasn’t in the middle. It was only a third of the way through. So, lucky for me, the head of Swoon Romance said that instead of compromising the story, we’d make it into three novellas. Yay!

Now I could see where the novellas would start and end, but the task became making each novella stand on its own. I had to really work on character development to portray each character fully in a short amount of space. It was tough, but luckily, I have a great editor, and with the help of her insightful comments, I was able to convey a lot with only a few words.

So, Game. Set. Match. Heartbreak became a series with the titles: Love All, Advantage: Heartbreak, and Perfect Match. How do I feel about the transformation? Great. I love novellas, and I’m excited for people to read about Meg, Ash, and Noah.

Thanks, Kelly! See you on tour!

3 responses to “Guest post: Kelly Hashway on writing a serialized e-novella

  1. Thanks for letting me share my experience with your blog readers, Stephanie!

  2. Great interview Kelly! I have really enjoyed the series, I can’t wait for the rest of it to be released!

  3. Nice interview Kelly! Best of luck!

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