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“If the shoe fits” contest

on May 11, 2013

Here is my new cover for Charm and Consequence, the second entry in the Snark and Circumstance Series of enovellas from Swoon Romance:

Image I like this cover.  It is, as my awesome publisher says, “sassy.”  However, I am still somewhat literal-minded enough to be concerned about the shoes, and not just because if I wore them, I would fall off of them and break an ankle.

It’s because my main character, a modern day Elizabeth Bennett, would never wear these shoes.

If you leave a comment below and tell me what shoes Georgiana “Georgia” Barrett WOULD wear*, I’ll get you a copy of Charm.  (I would send you cupcakes, but I have been warned about the general un-advisability of sending baked goods through the mail to strangers).

*Her footwear is mentioned specifically in the first installment, but if you know George, you can make a very educated guess, and I love to hear your ideas!

Good luck!

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