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You’ll elsker Elsker!

on May 2, 2013


In Norse, “elsker” means “love” and ST Bende’s NA book from Entranced – the first in a series – is very much a love story.

When Kristia Tostenson leaves her drab Oregon small town to study mythology at the university in Cardiff, Wales, she meets handsome, charming Ull Myhr, a grad student with flowing blonde hair and a penchant for form-fitting sweaters.   He’s actually kind of rude at first but they manage to work things out and are well on their way toward marriage and happily-ever-after when destiny rears its ugly head and threatens to split them apart.  It turns out that Ull is actually a Norse god, Thor’s stepson, and Thor has another bride in mind for Ull. Plus Kristia is prone to prophetic visions and is being tormented nightly by a fiendish Elf Man.  Oh, and Ragnarock, the epic battle that ensues when “the powers of darkness burst from their tethers” and “fire shall consume the earth and Darkness shall swallow the sky”?  That’s about to happen.  Unless Kristia can become a god herself and join the battle alongside Ull and his posse of Norse immortals that includes the beautiful and mischievous Inga and her football-loving mate Gunnar (who had saved her from a giant).

If you liked Twilight (and if you didn’t), you’ll see some delightful similarities here:  a mortal girl is chosen by a superhuman man who has hitherto had no interest in other girls.  He’s an old-fashioned guy and won’t bestow more than a blistering kiss on his beloved until they are legally wed, but they will need to fight some epic battles against dark forces before that can happen. But Kristia has more of a sense of humor than Bella and book one has left me with no doubt that she will be able to kick some ass when she needs to, especially since she is fighting for love.  And the love here is pretty epic, too.  The proposal scene will make you wish you had an Ull in your life, too.

Elsker is available here  at Amazon and here Barnes and Noble.  Read this first installment and then just try to miss the rest.  Good luck with that. I’m looking up the release date as soon as I hit the “save” button on this review.

And by the way — reading Ull’s dialogue in the voice of Chris Hemsworth from Thor is highly recommended.


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